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Last Vasa Series Character Introduction

First Name: Milena

Last Name: Lundgren

Magical Family: Unknown.

Place of Birth: Göteborg, Sweden

Former residence: Bergsjön district, Göteborg

Current residence: Lorensborg district, Malmö

Height: 158 cm

Age: 16

School: Malmö Latinskola

Religion: half-hearted Catholic


Milena is the only child of Amelia Jabłoński and Carl Lundgren. She is sixteen and currently attends high school at the prestigious Latinskola in Malmö, Southern Sweden. Although Milena doesn’t yet know what she’d like to do once she finishes school, she has an interest in criminology and is deeply affected by the crime rate in Sweden. This interest is fuelled by her mother’s fears for Milena’s safety and the state of society. Amelia’s work in Malmö’s general hospital, and especially in the ER, has heightened her focus on crime, which gets back to Milena in their interactions.

When Milena was five, her father passed away and since then it’s just been her and her mother. First, they moved from the outskirts of Göteborg into the suburb, Bergsjön, while Amelia studied medicine at the university. The year Milena started high school, when she was fifteen, a new opportunity presented itself to Amelia and they moved to Malmö.

Milena still has contact with Zehra, her middle school friend from Bergsjön. During her first year at Malmö Latinskola, Milena befriended Elin, a final year student who also lives in Lorensborg. Sometimes Milena meets up with classmates at Kafé Kungsgatan, a café near her school, where she will always get a classic, Swedish kanelbulle, although she always has to make sure there are no nuts included in the topping.

Her trusty bicycle is Milena’s mode of transport. She’s been thinking about getting a job to have some spare cash for her trips to visit Zehra in Göteborg during school holidays.

On an unassuming day in March, Milena came into her powers. You can read all about it in Milena’s Fear, a short story in the upcoming charity collection, Crossfire to benefit Sandy Hook Promise. You can follow the rest of Milena’s story in The Last Vasa series, starting with Milena’s Gift.

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