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The evolution of my writing process

I started writing my first novel when I was twelve. From my amateur scribblings to the writer I am today, much has changed in how I approach writing.

In the beginning, I wrote by hand, in a notebook. This is not surprising since it was the early 2000s and we only had a shared family computer at home. Once a story developed enough, I would then type out a draft on the computer during summer vacation. I kept up this system when I started writing Elisabeth and Edvard - The Siblings’ Tale. I wrote the first draft for this fantasy fairy tale retelling outdoors, under the shade of a lovely tree, during one month of blissful French summer. After returning home to South Africa, I set the handwritten manuscript aside and pretty much forgot about it. But the story continued to develop in my mind. I would daydream scenes over and over again, getting down to the minutest details of the interactions between the characters.

Years later, I came across the dusty notebook again while I was clearing out, and thankfully I had a little spare time to work through the manuscript and type it out. The daydreaming took off again with a vengeance and I really formulated the scenes and setting in minute detail, writing it all down as I got the chance.

I moved countries again, and this time I went through the manuscript again, editing as I went. When I was satisfied, I asked my sisters to take a look at it. They enjoyed the story, so I got the guts up to ask my mum. She sent back my manuscript with red ink all over. Thankfully, my mum and I have a much better relationship now that I’m older and we have half the world separating us. So I didn’t allow her edit to discourage me. Instead, I learned from it. I improved my work again. Then, I set it all aside again and carried on writing other things. Back to the same loop again of writing, daydreaming and editing.

Almost a year later, I took it up again and poked my nose further out the door, daring to get a few more people from my close circle to read the novel that now is Elisabeth and Edvard - The Siblings’ Tale. The feedback, again, was overwhelmingly positive and I really felt boosted. But, still, I did not feel comfortable with actually going ahead and publishing. That was something for a future me. My mum kept egging me on, dropping a suggestion here or there that I should take the step to publish - and I continued to put it off. Instead, I worked on other projects that had been sitting around for as long, if not longer.

With my other projects, though, there was no coherence. I would write a scene as it popped into my head, jumping from place to place, not writing in accordance with the narrative that is very clear in my own mind. I’d write a chapter here or there, bouncing back and forth, but not really making any progress.

My writings led me back to Elisabeth and Edvard, and I eventually put together the courage a few months ago, to take the next step. I weighed my options and decided self-publishing. I joined the Self-Publishing School, and thank goodness for that, because it improved my writing. It also helped me improve my system for editing. My writing process is a wholly different experience now.

I am currently working on a new series which links into Elisabeth and Edvard through the character, Viola Alerion (you’ll have to wait to meet her). This WIP is unfolding in such a different way from how Elisabeth and Edvard came into being. I wrote an outline this time - that’s a first. And now I write deliberately, in the order the reader will experience. I sort through my thoughts and daydreams while walking in the forest. Combining this creative process with physical exercise is proving to be really helpful. I find things flow so much better when I then sit down to write. New ideas come thick and fast and I just have to jot them down briefly when I come home. Then, I look at these notes when I sit down to write and it all just flows wonderfully.

I am curious to see how things will develop further over the coming months as I adapt my writing process, and I look forward to sharing my new insights some time in the future.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this and would like to know when the next post is up, subscribe here.

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